Dressers, drawers and decisions!

I wouldn’t call myself a hoarder but I do have a lot of crap in my drawers that I really don’t need. I don’t have any sort of attachment to a lot of the items in my drawers, I’m just too lazy to throw stuff out.

So, on Monday afternoon I actually had free time for once. It was a bank holiday so I didn’t have placement, this meant I was kind of bored so I decided it was time for a major clear out.

I always try to avoid looking or thinking about my drawers because the thought of the mess would just slightly stress me out.

This is what two of my drawers looked like before:

FullSizeRender 2

The one on the left is supposed to be a stationery drawer but over the last two-ish years that I’ve lived in the flat It just gradually became a drawer full of crap. Cables that I don’t know what are for and empty packaging. Don’t ask me why I was too lazy to throw it away because I honestly have no clue. I’m just a very lazy person.

Anyway I took everything out of the drawers, dumped them on my bed and cleaned the bottom of the drawers. I decided that this stuff would be better to put next to my desk so I moved them into my underwear drawers and moved my underwear into the drawers they were in.

In the right drawer in the top picture is my makeup drawer. It’s just full of crappy makeup that I don’t use, which once again I was just too lazy to bother throwing away. Ever since I moved to MAC and NYX makeup (which was actually the best decision I’ve ever made – just ask my mum!) that drawer has just become a dumping ground for cheap makeup that made my eczema look worse than it actually is. There was also a load of nail polish – which I very rarely wear. So a lot of that got chucked.

Underneath are my cleared out drawers which just look so much better.

FullSizeRender 6FullSizeRender 3







Okay, so below is my hair stuff which was to be frank a disgusting mess. I keep the box behind my mirror so I never have to look at it; which helps me to not get stressed about it, but It was time to sort it out. Most of the stuff near the top of is all stuff I use all the time, i.e. my straighteners, but further down in the box was just unnecessary stuff. Like hair crayons from when I had bleach blonde hair, barely used them when my hair was blonde to be honest.

FullSizeRender 4

The finished products might not look much different but a lot of rubbish is gone now and believe it or not I managed to fill a whole bin bag and a bit with stuff to throw away.

FullSizeRender 5

I know this might sound silly or stupid or whatever but cleaning all that stuff out is so relaxing and satisfying and I can honestly say I think I will sleep easier at night!



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