Minimalism and my mental health

I’ve struggled with mental health problems for almost 10 years now and I don’t think I’ve ever been at peace with it until I started clearing out my stuff.

For years I’ve always been a messy person; the biggest thing was having “the chair”, you know the one where everything in between dirty and clean goes. I used to have crap all over my floor because I was just too lazy to throw it out or put it away. I would just ignore the mess until it became impossible to move or live with but even when I did clean up, I would literally just chuck everything into the drawers and cupboards. Thinking back I can honestly feel the anxiety building up inside of me. I’m not a psychologist (and I did fail higher psychology) but I do think some of the struggles with my illness could have been avoided if I just would have had a tidier life. It might sound stupid but I really do believe that.

Since moving to Aberdeen for university there was a noticeable difference in my health after a few months and that was mainly due to me finally after years of frustration and waiting I was put on medication. I’m aware that a lot of people think that medication isn’t the answer, but believe me after 4 years of no help it was welcomed.

Yes, there was a difference in my health and yes, I felt like I had become more of a person but I still had problems. To some people having an unorganised life won’t be a problem at all but to me it still created issues for me. For so long I just ignored it and thought everything would be fine in the end but I had a few reality checks and realised that no one else could change my life. It had to be me.

Since becoming a minimalist and getting rid of all the crap I don’t need, cleaning my flat at least once a week and keeping my room clean and tidy everyday things have changed. I can feel myself becoming more calm more grounded and less worried about the little things in my life. I’m not saying I’ll becoming off my medication because I’m very aware I’ll be on that for the rest of my life but what I am saying is that decluttering your life, if only a little bit,  can change things for you. It’s just gives you less to worry about.



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