It’s been a while…


I think it’s been about four months since I last did one of these so it’s about time I get back to it.

I’ve been relatively busy since my last post; I visited the most magical place on earth (New York City), moved into my beauty of a new flat, been working 24/7, started yoga and a diet, stopped yoga and diet when I was told I couldn’t exercise because of a knee infection so I figured I might as well eat what I want because you know that makes sense. Anyway, I’m on the road to recovery (touch wood) and I should get back to my healthy new lifestyle ASAP.

I’m passionate about a lot of things so I’m dedicating this blog to just that – my passions. And also whatever I feel like blogging about, i.e. beauty, yoga, vegetarianism, feminism etc.

That’s not to say I’ve left the minimalism behind. I still am passionate about that and a recent trip home showed me just that… possible blog post to follow.

So wish me luck in my new endeavour, thanks.




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