september ’17 buys…

Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera


Since using Thayers Witch Hazel I’ve really noticed that the redness around my nose has gone down a lot meaning I’m not having to use as much foundation to hide it. It’s definitely given me the confidence to go outside more with a makeup free face. As well as smelling incredible it also leaves my face smelling soft and refreshed.

If you’re not keen on smelling like roses it also comes in cucumber, lavender and unscented. It only costs £11.50 and you really can’t argue with that pricing.

Chilly’s Green Pastel Edition Bottle


I saw this bottle advertised on Facebook a while back and since then I’ve been eyeing it up for months. I’ve been wanting to try and become more eco and I really think this bottle will help me on my way. I’m not having to pour out any water because in the bottle it stays freezing cold for 24 hours plus you can use it for hot drinks too (hot for 12 hours).

The bottle is completely leak proof and it’s sturdy because it’s made from high-grade stainless steal. My only negative is not even really a negative but the colour I have is supposed to be green but it really looks more blue to me; but I still prefer this one over the blue one.

L’Oreal Paris Colorista Washout Pink Hair          

IMG_6528I was a little bit wary to try this because I hadn’t heard good things about it, i.e. it doesn’t actually wash out but I decided to try it for myself as I wouldn’t really mind if it didn’t.

I’ve been back with my natural hair colour for a while now but I really started to miss the bleach blonde so much because with my natural hair colour is impossible to dye with any colours. So when we got new hair dyes at work I decided to ombre my hair using Loreal Paris Colorista Effect Ombre; and it worked super well. After I had that little bit of blonde back for maybe about a week I bit the bullet and bought the pink hair washout.

The first thing that I really like about it is that it’s literally a bottle and two pairs of gloves; meaning no having to mix it yourself and no brush. The colour is also mixed in with a hair mask so there’s no need to worry about it messing up your hair, it left my hair feeling really soft. I’m not really sure how I’d feel about having a full head of it but just having it as an ombre worked really well and blended in with my natural hair great.

The only negative that I would say is that the colour was supposed to be more vibrant after 30 minutes and it still pastel. Other than that I would definitely recommend using this product if you want a little bit of temporary colour and they’ve got 13 different colours so there’s loads to choose from if you’re not a pink fan.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen Notepad and Pencils

IMG_6563We just got a Flying Tiger in Aberdeen and it was so exciting. I’ve absolutely loved it since I first visited one. It’s an amazing treasure trove full of anything from sweet treats to toys to exercise equipment.  I decided it was about time that I went in to treat myself.

I left with two notepads – one for me and one for my boyfriend – and a really cute set of day of the week pencils. Each for £1.

In a couple of weeks I’ll need to get all my stuff ready for university so I’ll definitely be shopping there for that and I think you should too.




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