keep summer going…

If you’re not ready to let summer go just yet try this tasty frozen rosé to keep summer well and truly alive.

Me and my flatmate decided that when we moved in to our flat we were going to have a cocktail night every Friday. Flash forward a few months and we still hadn’t had one so we decided to change that. I had seen this cocktail on Facebook for ages but I saw it again recently and thought it would be simple enough for us to do. We edited a tiny bit though to suit the alcohol that we have in the house.

Mango Frozen Rosé



1 bottle of rosé (750ml)     300g strawberries     1 tablespoon granulated sugar     1/4 mango vodka

Step 1 

Pour all the rose into ice cube trays and freeze until completely solid. It’s probably best to leave them to freeze overnight for the best result.

Step 2 


About 10(ish) minutes before you take the frozen wine out the freezer put the strawberries and sugar into your blender so the strawbs release their juices.

Step 3 


Add the vodka and and ice cubes to the mixture and blend. Pour into glasses and add a strawberry on the side to make it look pretty.



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